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Do not let the name fool you. Lil Larry packs one heck of a punch, and is perfect for the most demanding tasks. It provides more than enough power to take its rightful place in the Larry family. It is crazy to think that we were able to cram this much power into a light that is roughly the size of your favorite pen. The Lil Larry is equipped with a 250 lumen COB work light, and has a total of three modes. High mode provides you with 250 lumens that shines for 3 hours and out to 29 meters. Low mode provides you with 95 lumens that will shine for 10 hours and out to 17 meters. The red flash or emergency mode provides you with 10 hours of flashing red light. These 3 modes are operated by the top positioned on/off switch. The body is made from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and is water and impact resistant. Please do not toss this light into the sky for fun, just so you can see how many times it will bounce off of the ground. Flex-Fuel allows the Lil Larry to condense in size and operate with 2x AAA batteries instead of 3x AAA batteries. To switch over you first need to unscrew the magnetic base and remove 3x AAA batteries, next you will need to unscrew the body of the flashlight, and then you can insert 2x AAA batteries in to the Lil Larry and screw the magnetic base onto the shortened version. This light is an amazing addition to your EDC kit, toolbox, shop, tackle box, and even your go to kitchen drawer. It is handy for any occupation. Just imagine how you would use it in your everyday life. If you cannot do that, then imagine that you are a mechanic. The magnetic bas allows you to stick the flashlight under the hood and light up your work area. Features like the belt/pocket clip and powerful magnetic base, allow for convenient and versatile hands-free lighting. The ergonomic and portable design of the NEBO Lil Larry makes it the best choice if you are looking for a super bright and durable COB LED flash light.