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Harley-Davidson® Embossed Bar & Shield® Stainless Steel Travel Cup, 3SSB4900. Rock solid and over engineered for your perfect brew anywhere, anytime, but especially when traveling. Made with stainless steel from top to bottom this travel mug holds 24 oz. / 709 ml of your favorite brew. Being all about business, the mug is solid black with a single embossed Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield® logo near the lip. Sculpted wider at the top for an easy grasp for drinking, the cup narrows about half way to the bottom so it fits nicely into most cup holders - in your car, SUV, Semi-tractor, or boat. The base is wide enough to set on any flat surface without fear of tipping. The cup has double-walled insulated construction that keeps beverages cold for up to 9-hours and hot beverages up to 6-hours. The cup also comes with a Tritan™ lid with an easy to use retractable sip-hole cover that prevents spills and leakage under normal usage. Slide it closed when moving about. Once settled in, slide open for a sip. The lid’s seal keeps your beverage insulated longer, too. This will be your go-to cup as you dash out the front door for almost any errand or trip. The mug is dishwasher safe. As with all metals, do not use in the microwave. Manufactured under Harley-Davidson® license by Evergreen Enterprises, a trusted member of Harley-Davidson’s® family of Licensees. Size: 24 oz.; approximately 4" wide at the top; 3" wide at the base; 8” high. Manufacturer Part Number, 3SSB4900.


  • Harley-Davidson® Embossed Stainless Steel Travel Cup
  • Sleek shape with straight lines allow it to fit into any car cup-holder
  • Double wall stainless steel construction with Tritan lid
  • Keeps drinks cold up to 9 hours and hot up to 6 hours
  • Size: 24 oz. / 4" W x 3" D x 8" H