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Because We Are What We Drink There’s just something about enjoying our favorite coffee or our go-to tea in a mug that reflects who we are. Every sip becomes a personal moment. These enamel mugs are custom designed to your lifestyle for putting your unique stamp on your day. Perfect for inspiring your mornings, resetting your afternoons, or quietly savoring your accomplishments in the evenings. At home, at the office, by the lake under the stars. Also an original gift idea for family, friends, lovers of the outdoors, and collectors of exclusively crafted items. The BRP lifestyle reaches far beyond the road, snow, water, and trails; it's a part of who you are. You crave excitement and discovery, which only fuels your anticipation of unforgettable adventures lying behind even the smallest of corners. That's why run of the mill stuff won't cut it. Our lifestyle collection embodies that same fierce spirit of innovation and quality you've come to expect in everything that bears our name. For the experiences you crave and the life you live, we have the right products for every kind of adventure.